NBOGroup 360 Feedback Basic Package

NBOGroup 360 Feedback Basic Package

Choose different components to create your preferred 360 degree feedback experience.

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360 degree feedback standard question set

Choose one: Leadership 360 / Team 360 / Sales 360 / EQ 360 / Engagement 360

Online nominations process

NBO's online nominations system allows ratees to submit their raters list to You will receive 1 Admin account; Your ratees will receive 1 user account each.

Unlimited raters
Pre-survey support

All ratees/raters will receive a PDF user guide with guidelines on how to give constructive feedback. We will also provide you with general guidance on how to conduct your own ratees/raters briefings should you wish to do so.

Survey administration & support

NBO will administer your survey online, including launching the survey, scheduling reminders and sending you daily progress updates to ensure a successful 360 run. Customer support available during office hours via phone and email.

Basic Individual Reports (PDF)

Each ratee will receive a Basic Individual Report in PDF format. The Basic report consists of up to 5 types of data analysis.

Post-survey support

Each ratee will receive a PDF Interpretation & Development Guide to guide them on how to read their 360 individual results and to start creating a development plan. We will also provide you with general guidance on how to conduct your own results workshops should you wish to do so.

Get a quote for a 360 Degree Feedback Basic package
Survey customization

Customize the feedback survey using your core competencies to more accurately measure strengths and identify development needs that is relevant to your organization.

Pre-survey briefing sessions

We have professional 360 facilitators and trainers to help you conduct your pre-survey briefing sessions. Pre-survey briefings are important in setting the expectations of the ratees and raters and ensuring a clear and transparent 360 degree feedback process that encourages active participation from the group.

Premium Individual Reports (PDF)

Upgrade per individual report to Premium level for up to 12 types of data analysis.

Management Report (Group results, PDF)

Receive a consolidated report of how your group of ratees is performing. Find out where the team's strengths lie and what areas need improvement.

Sub-group composite reports

Break the group of ratees into sub-groups to see the composite results of a specific department, division or team.

Post-survey results workshops

We have professional 360 trainers to help you conduct your post-survey results workshops. Post-survey results workshops are a great starting point in supporting your ratees in their development after a 360 feedback survey. Our results workshops generally have a high trainer-to-participant ratio to ensure that participants can get the amount of attention they need to kick-start their development. 

"What Bosses Want" (Leadership development guide)

An exclusive leadership competencies building guide to complement and support your people's development. "What Bosses Want" can be used independently or with a 360 degree feedback report to create an actionable development plan. All survey questions from our standard question sets are mapped to the competencies in this guide for easy reference. We will also provide mapping of the competencies to your customized survey questions.

Management briefing & analysis

NBO presents to your management team, the overall 360 feedback results, analysis and recommendations for training and development needs at an organization level. Certain industry benchmarks are also available upon request.

1-on-1 360 Feedback Interpretive Coaching

Private 1-hour coaching session with an experienced NBO coach. Research has shown that 360 degree feedback, coupled with at least one individual coaching sessions post the survey, generates significantly better return on investment (ROI) than a 360 project done without coaching support. The coaching session provides your ratees with an unbiased third party perspective to guide them through making key behavioral changes and to motivate them in following through their development plans.

360 Feedback Certification (Internal staff training)

To make it more cost effective for our clients with a large ratees pool, we offer customized certification programs to train and certify your internal staff and coaches in 3 ways: 1) Pre-Survey - understanding 360 feedback, conducting ratees/raters briefings; 2) Post-Survey - facilitating a results workshop, guiding ratees on development plans; 3) Interpretive Coaching - analyzing individual results, initiating 1:1 coaching conversations. *This option is highly recommended to clients with more than 100 ratees taking part in a 360 degree feedback exercise.



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 Survey customization
 Pre-survey briefing sessions
 Premium Individual Reports (PDF)
 Management Report (PDF)
 Sub-group composite reports (PDF)
 Post-survey results workshops
 "What Bosses Want" (1 book per ratee)
 Management briefing & analysis
 1-on-1 360 Feedback Coaching (1-hour per session)
 360 Feedback Coaching Certification (Internal staff training)

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