A People-Centered Vision: 360 Degree Feedback at Land Transport Authority

Cultivating a people-focused organization culture through complete 360 degree feedback process


In 2008, LTA needed to grow a culture within the organization that was in line with the vision of their newly launched masterplan – a culture which placed service to people on par with task achievement.

The 360 degree feedback tool was sought to accomplish this goal.


The NBOGroup 360 Feedback tool uses a dual scale frequency gap methodology which allows for effective scalability of the 360 feedback survey across an entire organization. From 2006 to 2009, three 360 feedback surveys were carried out and a total of 314 LTA employees at different management levels participated.

Participants received feedback on competencies that were core to the organization’s masterplan, such as their ability to communicate a vision, provide clear directions, encourage creative thinking, and give constructive feedback. This allowed participants to recognize their strengths and identify areas for improvement with respect to the organization’s needs.

Gaining awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses was only the first step. Each participant also received individual coaching from a professional NBO coach to help with their personal development based on their 360 feedback results.

In 2010, specific training programs were rolled out to target the group’s greatest development needs.


Individual participants had commented on the usefulness of the 360 degree feedback results and the complementing training programs.

Over the three-year period, the average gap size for all participants had decreased in every competency – a positive observation in dual scale 360s where smaller gap sizes indicate strengths.

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“We believe that awareness is the first step towards making improvement. The 360° Leadership Survey provides our leaders with insightful, constructive feedback and that’s why we work closely with NBO to scrutinize every step and every approach to ensure implementation success. We are pleased that our leaders have used the feedback to improve on their leadership and management skills.”

- Group Director,
LTA, Singapore


“I see more people-oriented leaders in LTA. I now exercise delegation and empowerment at a higher level, with staff development in mind.”

- Deputy Director,
LTA, Singapore

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Benefits of Dual Scale Assessments & Surveys

NBOGroup’s 360° Feedback System is based on a dual scale frequency gap analysis methodology.

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