Leadership Development Excellence at the CPF Board

Targeted leadership training programs helps raise employee satisfaction by 2 percent.


The leadership challenge faced by CPF Board managers was in leading a diverse group of knowledge workers of different age groups and cultural backgrounds towards a common vision.

The situation was further intensified when the supervisors’ index of the 2008 employee satisfaction survey declined by 4% from 2006. Senior Deputy Director of Capability & Organization Development reflected that this downturn was largely due to the rapid growth and expansion in those two years. Leadership training thus became necessary to ensure employees felt supported and were effectively engaged in a team.

The next question was, how do we accomplish that?


A Supervisory Management Skills program was specifically tailored for the supervisors and line managers to align leadership goals with the values and philosophy of the organization through addressing real issues faced by the managers in the organization.

Another program, Leading Effective Teams, was developed for the IT professionals who were leading teams of culturally diversed people. The program taught them effective communication and relationships building skills when facing people of different cultural backgrounds and personalities.


The impact of this leadership development initiative was evident when another employee satisfaction survey was conducted in 2010 – Supervisors’ Index had increased by 2%! Furthermore, 4 out of 10 most favorable items on the survey were related to the quality of supervisors (up from zero in 2008) and none of the least favorable items were supervisors-related (down from five in 2008).

By early 2010, the supervisors and managers had made radical improvement in goal setting, delegating, coaching, and empowering their direct reports. In doing so, they were able to change employees’ attitudes, influence their behavior, and effectively motivate employees.

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“(It is) gratifying to see the results of the training initiatives. Learning took place when I see an observable change in a person.”

- Chief HR Officer,
CPF Board, Singapore


“People could identify with the program content. The scenarios were real and applicable, and the participants found it very beneficial for their work.”

- Senior Deputy Director,
CPF Board, Singapore


“Our partnership has gone beyond the given contractual engagement in training programs or workshops that we have. It is a relationship that goes into building trust, belief and support for each other.”

- Assistant Manager,
CPF Board, Singapore

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