TrendWaves #186: The Organization Humpty Dumpty or Soul

The Organization Humpty DumptyOrganizational incompetence has its classic examples in IBM during the 1990s, British General Percival in 1942 Singapore, or a few leaders current and old. IBM’s 1990s from heroes of generations of employees, stockholders and number one awards to losses, misdirection and employee defections were dramatic. It took the outsider (or outlier Lou Gerstner), as Malcolm Gladwell would say, to see the truth and set her right...

How does incompetence reach the highest levels of an organization? What kind of behaviors does "organizational incompetence" embody? How do we get rid of incompetence and bring back excellence?


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TrendWaves #185: Why we need to educate Managers and Leaders to think like Entrepreneurs?

Managers and leaders need to think like EntrepreneursWhat do Managers need to do to add value and return to the Enterprise?

About 150+ years back, Entrepreneurs created huge Enterprises that required managers and workers to supervise people and data. The factory worker for Henry Ford, the oil field worker and bookkeepers for John Rockefeller, and the accountants for JP Morgan; they all needed a professional to make sure the factory/field or production line flowed productively and profitably...

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4 Tips to Combat the (Real) Productivity Killer in Your Organization

Mobile is the top productivity killer at work, CareerBuilder US Survey (2014)What are the real productivity killers in an organization? And how should leaders and managers handle?

CareerBuilder released a survey study on how mobile is a "productivity killer" at work. About 1 out of 4 employees admitted to spending at least an hour each day on personal calls, emails or texts. But what are we really seeing here? Could there be an underlying issue?

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TrendWaves #184: Communicating with Stakeholders Strategically

Top Leadership Trends in S.E.A., NBOGroup Leadership Survey 2014 (Q5)"People need to know you care before they care to hear what you know."

We have conducted thousands of 360 initiatives across the globe. The most consistent finding is that visions, missions or purposes are not communicated to all stakeholders or, at least, they didn’t understand or see their role in the long-term initiatives. In our latest Leadership Survey 2014, the results were also consistent with “Lacks vision, clear direction” (48%) coming in...

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TrendWaves #183: Why We Hate Work? Problem on Staff Engagement

Are your employees engaged? A look at re-igniting your "power within"

In response to New York Times International article, "Why You Hate Work" by Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath, Sunday Review, 30 May 2014

This NY Times article based on surveys done by Gallup and Towers Watson, brought some issues to the surface that need some thinking and action. The Gallup survey, done in 2013 across 142 nations, noted that only 13% of workers are engaged at their job or profession. Some are better and amazingly some are lower, but 13% as an average is startling.

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