TrendWaves #188: Great Leaders of Talent

“Leaders do not put people in boxes. Leaders free people from boxes. Leaders take people where they didn't know they could go.”Great leaders (of talent) do not put people in boxes; They free people from boxes, and take them where they didn't know they could go. Leadership talks about talent acquisition, retention, and talent overall as critical to their organizations' success. But how successful are we when looking at the "talent within"? How do we fix disengagement issues and reach our potential for more than 30% increase in productivity?

Great leaders of talent share five important qualities. Take this template to start measuring and developing talent strategies that actually work.

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TrendWaves #187: Growth and How to Push It

Driving growthAcross the developed world today, you hear discussions in periodicals, newspapers, blogs and Chairman's letters about Growth and why it is anemic and low for the most part. The revenue is not growing as fast as historical trends have shown. GDP is lower than expected or planned, and productivity is not what it used to be! Why? And what can we do about it?


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TrendWaves #186: The Organization Humpty Dumpty or Soul

The Organization Humpty DumptyOrganizational incompetence has its classic examples in IBM during the 1990s, British General Percival in 1942 Singapore, or a few leaders current and old. IBM’s 1990s from heroes of generations of employees, stockholders and number one awards to losses, misdirection and employee defections were dramatic. It took the outsider (or outlier Lou Gerstner), as Malcolm Gladwell would say, to see the truth and set her right...

How does incompetence reach the highest levels of an organization? What kind of behaviors does "organizational incompetence" embody? How do we get rid of incompetence and bring back excellence?


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TrendWaves #185: Why we need to educate Managers and Leaders to think like Entrepreneurs?

Managers and leaders need to think like EntrepreneursWhat do Managers need to do to add value and return to the Enterprise?

About 150+ years back, Entrepreneurs created huge Enterprises that required managers and workers to supervise people and data. The factory worker for Henry Ford, the oil field worker and bookkeepers for John Rockefeller, and the accountants for JP Morgan; they all needed a professional to make sure the factory/field or production line flowed productively and profitably...

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