TrendWaves #190: Recruiting Talent for 2015

Recruiting Talent for 2015

The biggest challenge in Talent Management, is not the lack of talent in the potential hiring pool but the competition for that talent and their retention. Singapore is forecasted to have 64% of employee churn from one job to another in 2014.

What is the cause of attrition? And how do we retain the talent that we have hired and invested on?




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Best Practices to a Successful 360 (and 720) Degree Feedback

360-720 Degree Feedback Best PracticesWhen assessing individuals and groups, such as in a 360 degree multi-rater feedback survey, you’ll want to follow the best practices in the industry. Why? Because you want results that validate progress and give you a return on your investment.

We've outlined the best practiced process and the key questions you should ask when planning for your next 360 project!

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