TrendWaves #199: Culture, Talent and Engagement

Culture and Employee EngagementThe debate of 2016 is not that engagement is low but HOW do we increase stakeholder, employee and customer engagement. The survey is a metric of health and the purpose of the individual and the organization. The leadership and culture can be the solution to increase engagement.

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TrendWaves #198: The Only Leadership Engagement Model That Stands the Test of Time

Leadership Engagement ModelToday’s organizations are frantically searching for the “magic bullet” or “technique” that will drive employee engagement, increase productivity, creativity, competitive advantage...and more. With billions of dollars invested in developing leaders who can "engage", a recent MIT study shows that the return on these investments are embarrassingly small. What should leaders do to engage their people – a model that is timeless and proven? How can organizations measure their engagement levels more accurately?

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TrendWaves #197: Charisma & Authenticity, the Real Story

Charismatic leadersTake a look at the widely known charismatic leaders… What is Charisma? Is it the “star quality” – that special magical appeal and impact one person has on others? What is it? Is it something charismatic people are just born with? Can charisma be developed?

The quick answer is 'yes'. Here are 3 ways to help you develop your charisma.

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TrendWaves #196: How to Thrive in the Knowledge Economy 3.0

A Culture to ThriveWe need to look at trends and decide what makes sense and what we need to do to "thrive" in the evolving world of work. In this final segment of "How to Thrive in the Knowledge Economy", you'll find current examples of organizations globularizing and streamlining for higher productivity. One of the factors that came into focus is "Culture". Does your organization's culture foster innovation, communication and engagement?

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TrendWaves #195: Productivity and the Dictatorship of Low Expectations

Productivity and the Dictatorship of Low ExpectationsPreliminary results from our 2015 Leadership Survey shows that "increasing productivity" is the top strategy for organizations to move forward in 2015.

How do organizations increase productivity? Is your organization operationally "fit" for productive output? What is the "Dictatorship of Low Expectations" and how does "expectations" impact our productivity measures?


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