[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 20 - They're Not Employees, They're People

In The Workplace, Episode 20 - They're Not Employees, They're People [Podcast]

Employees are not just someone we hire to get the job done, they’re “people”. If “people” is our greatest asset, what defines the internal health of an organization? Is retrenchment/layoffs the answer to poor economic conditions and negative financial growth? How do we re-engage our people, connect with them and build an effective team?


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[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 19 - Managing All Talent in the Workplace

In The Workplace, Episode 19 - Managing All Talent in the Workplace [Podcast]

Talent management practices today shouldn’t just be applied to the “top performers” or “high potentials” of an organization. It applies to “All Talent” - everyone in the entire organization. This week, Gary shares how talent management should be through different stories to guide the success of individuals, teams and organizations.


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[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 17 - Vision & Values in the Workplace

In The Workplace, Episode 17 - Vision & Values in the Workplace [Podcast]

Lack of vision and direction is one of the top three reasons why leaders fail today. It’s not because organizations do not have a clear vision, but whether that vision is communicated and lived by the employees. In this episode, Gary highlights the differences between employing talent in the past vs. talent today and why vision and values matter in today’s workplace.


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TrendWaves #190: Recruiting Talent for 2015

Recruiting Talent for 2015

The biggest challenge in Talent Management, is not the lack of talent in the potential hiring pool but the competition for that talent and their retention. Singapore is forecasted to have 64% of employee churn from one job to another in 2014.

What is the cause of attrition? And how do we retain the talent that we have hired and invested on?




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