TrendWaves #195: Productivity and the Dictatorship of Low Expectations

Posted 11 Feb 2015
by Gary Nelson

TrendWaves - Leadership & organizational trends and insights for Business LeadersIssue #195 – This post is part of the TrendWaves blog series, an NBOGroup publication on Leadership & Organizational trends and insights for Business Leaders.

Productivity and the Dictatorship of Low Expectations
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All government and business leaders are focusing on how to improve the productivity of their organizations: the people, the capital assets (technology etc.) and the processes. This is important to keep in mind as we look for continued growth and prosperity for our countries, organizations and most importantly our people.

Increasing Productivity is about “Focus” and “Working Smarter”

Best practices for technology supports “working smarter”. How do we use the tools we have and what tools should we have to increase the efficiency of the staff? 
Are decisions timely and priorities clear. Do management practices encourage clarity and focus?

Innovate operationally to get the most productive moments from everyone. Eliminate, consolidate and streamline operations. This is “common sense” in most organizations but are we really innovating successfully? Are we operationally fit?

How “Fit” is Your Organization for Productivity?

Examine the work culture. How are we doing things around here? Are the silos crimping collaboration? Are the leaders not walking the talk? Are the staff using work time for social media and personal enjoyment or for work? You get the picture.

Are we using capital to increase our customer contact and to invest in technology to increase our client relations? Remember Peter Drucker said the only reason for a company to be in business is “to create and keep customers”. Agencies of government also want to appeal to relationships and compliance excellence.

Above all…. Do not fall victim to the "Dictatorship of Low Expectations" as you talk about productivity. Are you thinking positively in terms of maximizing your work culture, technology and client focus? Or, have we lowered our expectations by accepting, as a new status quo, an environment of high attrition and lower expectations in service?

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Preliminary results from our 2015 Leadership Survey shows that “Increasing productivity” is the top strategy for organizations to move forward in 2015.

Productivity comes from Leadership Vision, Investment and actions founded in the “Optimism of High Expectations” that we will be the best we can be! There are many things we can measure in our organizations…don’t miss one of the most critical predictors of success. Take frequent checks on your organizations “Expectation” levels!


As we’re soon concluding our leadership survey, we will be writing about the key trends in a series of TrendWaves in March. More will come on productivity, expectations and communication issues. If you haven’t take part in the survey, you still have a chance to do so at http://bit.lyleadershipsurvey-2015. We’ll send you a full report once it’s available.


Take part in our 5-min 2015 Leadership Survey

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