[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 17 - Vision & Values in the Workplace

Posted 8 Oct 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 17 - Vision & Values in the Workplace [Podcast]

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Today we're going to talk about vision and values and how important they are to not just your organization as it’s currently composed, to the individuals who you're asking to join your organization. Particularly it's a tight labor market today, people have choices to become individual contributors, contractors, entrepreneurs, franchisers, or they can join an organization.

My choices were to join an organization when I came out of school and I’m like everybody else. All who made the choice, we offer skills and competence, we offer our passion and we offer our unique experiences, behaviors and personalities. So you and your story become critical. The company I joined, IBM, had a motto said “Think”. This was back many many decades ago and they were asking us to use our knowledge, but their values were what struck me. One, respect for the individual, no matter what race, color or creed. Everybody earned respect by being part of the organization. Second, pursuit of excellence in everything you did. That made us work sometimes all through the night to make sure that our pursuit of excellence met that standard. Lastly, the customer was first. Every focus was on that customer when you were in the organization. We supplied them with the best service, the best products, the best relationships and the best value for money.

The new candidates today want to know that they've been selected because you see talent in them and you want them to succeed. So how they measure you is really quite straightforward. It's your visions and values story - who are you and does this story resonate throughout your organization? All stakeholders inside and outside the organization, do they know the story and is it lived up to, is it real? Remember the new employee joins your culture so the people that they meet in the interview and induction process in their teams and their departments etc, if they don't live the real story, that leads to disengagement.

We started our own company, my wife and I did back a few decades ago, and we have a story. It's a story about your success is the focus of our vision and our vision is to provide quality, relevant and exciting learning that improves people's capabilities and we work to achieve this by committing to values that are important to us and important to you. Values of respect, values of quality, values of community - not just our community but the greater communities we all are part of - that we operate with integrity and trust. Remember the sunshine test, loyalty, innovation, teamwork and most important attitude. Do we all carry a positive attitude into our culture? Remember we hire people for competence and attitude. If you hire for just competence and a bad attitude, you've made trouble for yourself. So what's your story? What's your culture? How do people perceive and see you in reality?


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