[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 12 - Vision + Clear Direction in the Workplace

Posted 26 Jul 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 12 - Vision + Clear Direction in the Workplace [Podcast]

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Today we're going to talk about Vision and Clear Direction.

In our recent 2018 executive survey, the key reason - and it's the same many years on - that leaders fail is that they don't just have a vision, but they don't have clear direction throughout the organization. And so leaders may have that coffee cup or poster that says here's what we aspire to be, but without the follow through down to the frontline - where everybody understands, where everybody knows, where everybody is moving in the same direction - your success is marginalized.

Vision comes in three flavors. One is to be the quick service restaurant experience. What does that mean? "To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time." You know who that is. (Starbucks!) Our vision is to create a better every day for many people. So the flavors are product, service, helping people (inspiring and nurturing the human spirit). That's the "what". But the key is the "how" and that's how you take your vision, and you give clear direction through your strategy and your tactics. The how to impact customers, prospects, product and service offerings etc. is complex, but it needs to be simplified. Only by preparing strategies and tactics to be simple in priorities can you affect implementation. Implementation demands focus, sustainability or consistency on the tactics and strategy that supports your vision.

So make sure that everybody from top to bottom agrees. What are the three to five priorities behind our strategy for each and every person at a level in the organization? And do these strategies and priorities pull the individual towards the future? By integrating these priorities from top to bottom, you integrate your communications strategy, your metrics, and thus your success. Senior leaders focus on strategy but pay less attention to the clarity of understanding - the "how" - and that's implementation.

Implementation has three keys. The first is the clarity of communication. The second is the clarity of the understanding of the priorities and then, the execution. So when we have a vision that states in lofty terms that we best to be the best with this group, we wish to help that group etc. That's the "what". Priorities establish the "HOW".

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