[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 2 - Gratitude in the Workplace

Posted 16 May 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 2 - Gratitude in the Workplace [Podcast]

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Today’s conversation is about “Gratitude”.

Recently we sent some gifts to some people, we thought they’d like it. But we never heard back – we didn’t know if they’d arrived or appreciated. Therefore, we decided to look into the subject of “thankfulness”.

That’s the definition of “Gratitude” – being thankful. It’s a trait that as Dennis Prager, a famous announcer, says “it is the core trait of our happiness and our health and wellbeing”. So I think of Gratitude in the context of “ingratitude” (the opposite). We didn’t receive a response to our gifts, and I’m reminded of the story of an elderly gentleman talking about his grandchildren, who his children provide for them handsomely. But they never seem to be happy, happy enough with all the new computers and new toys.  He said, “When I grew up, I had a pen and a box and I could entertain myself for hours. But they [the grandchildren] seem to not be able to do that.” They’re more worried about how many “Likes” they have on their Facebook page and postings, and so maybe their entitlement has led to a level of ingratitude.

Another level of ingratitude came across the television screen, as migrants in Europe and Germany were rioting because the local mayor, where they were encamped waiting to be assimilated elsewhere, asked that they please clean up after themselves – the refuse, the food cartons and the waste. And they thought that was unfair. Ingratitude, again.

You look at gratitude from a social scientist standpoint. They say that this is the pathway to happiness and health. You feel warm when you’re grateful and thankful. So today, what are you grateful for; what are you thankful for; what do you appreciate? And how do you feel when you say “thank you” to someone who is being appreciative to you.

Have a good day!


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