[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 4 - Curiosity in the Workplace

Posted 1 Jun 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 4 - Curiosity in the Workplace [Podcast]

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Today we're going to talk about Curiosity.

I read everywhere where companies, governments and families are looking for creative, innovative new things. Think back to Akio Morita, the founder of Sony, back in the 60's when he invented the transistor walkman radio - the first miniaturization so you can carry the transistor with you. Steve Jobs, with the iPhone and iPad, still famous today. Apple TV, if you haven't seen the channel turner on the Apple TV, you haven't seen creativity. Or Tesla, when you look at what that organization is doing, not just on the road but in space. Curiosity.

Let's go back to Leonardo Da Vinci. Walter Isaacson has written a great biography on the Curiosity of Leonardo Da Vinci. He said, the first lesson of Curiosity is to take note of the things you want to learn more about. Da Vinci wanted to know more about how did the wasp levitate and keep its wings going, hummingbird, and many other things that led eventually to flight.

The second lesson involves the importance of observation. Isaacson noted how much Da Vinci liked to look at things that weren't really in his sphere of influence - humanities and social issues, were just as important as science and technology.

The third lesson from Da Vinci is that he was open to imagination. With all of these, he kept journals.

So today I'd ask you to think about, what are you curious about? Take note of it, write it down. Start to think about the limitless opportunities and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, agriculture, energy - the horizon is wide open for the curious.

So today be Curious, and write it down.

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