[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 7 - Courage in the Workplace

Posted 20 Jun 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 7 - Courage in the Workplace [Podcast]

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Today we're going to talk about Courage. So many reports are out today talking about how leaders don't engage others with courage: Failure to give underperforming employees feedback; Failure to take action against those who aren't performing well over a long period of time; Failure to do simple things like make sure meetings are meaningful, making sure everybody knows the strategy and the vision in the future. 

Almost all writers, and McKinsey being one of the most famous, talk about how change efforts aren't successful. Only 25 percent achieve the goals that they set out to achieve. The 75 percent fail because leaders at the top and down the organization lacked the courage to implement new ideas, new processes, new operating procedures, and new changes to the way we do things around here. Takes courage. We need courage at every level, including our personal courage.

Victor Frankl, a famous Auschwitz survivor, said he survived because he had a sense of purpose and he had the courage to try to fight to see that in his life. And he did. It quoted one of Frankel's concepts is from Abraham Maslow that people are engaged when they have relevance in the things that they're doing - their work, their personal habits and hobbies. When they see a positive change of the things they're doing in others, it gives them a warm feeling of success. But it takes courage to do the things that you want to do. It takes courage to make sure that you're having an impact with the activities you're doing as opposed to just doing. So think about courage. 

Think about it today if you're a manager when you look at your organization. Am I giving honest feedback to those who need it? Am I having courage to change to the things that will make things easier, simpler, faster and better. So take courage. Think courage. And do something courageous today.


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