[Podcast] In The Workplace, Ep 11 - Globalization x Culture

Posted 21 Jul 2018
by NBO

In The Workplace, Episode 11 - Globalization x Culture [Podcast]

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Today we're going to talk about Globalization and Homogeneity versus Culture and Community.

We're down in a little town close to us and having a cup of coffee - didn't say Starbucks, didn't say Coffee Bean, didn't say any big global chain. It was a great little cup of coffee from a small shop where they actually had their own beans turning inside of a burner and it smelled like heaven. Then I'm reading The Wall Street Journal and it says globalization is under pressure, not just in the U.S. where we are today, but in the U.K. with Brexit with Poland and Hungary defying immigration, and following the orders of the EU in Asia. You look at China, Japan and other countries in Asia and you see a nationalistic posture not a globalization posture. So that's the way it's supposed to be they say according to the elites. That's the way it is. Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner. Buy off Amazon, Alibaba and Google, get delivery from the same. That's the way it's supposed to be. Well there's less diversity and freedom of thought in this "supposed to be."

This scenario says follow the herd, obey the trends, participate in the global village. Well there's some good for it, but not all. Reality is setting in that local communities whether they be urban or rural, the neighborhoods as we call them are pretty good. The local shop, the local restaurants, the local bakery, the clothing store, the little food grocery store that has local produce and fruit, the gas station that's not from a large chain. A lot of good goes on in the community. And it's not just coffee. You can smell the baked goods when you enter the bakery. You can look and touch and feel fresh produce and fruit in the grocery store etc. The beauty is they know me and I know them. They know my family and we know theirs.

G.K. Chesterton a famous UK writer wrote a book in 1910 called "What's Wrong with the World". A lot of people think this is one of his best books and one we should read today. He talks about the morality and he talks about the culture and he talks about the beauty of being local. In his time it's the local tailor. I know him. He knows me, he knows my size. He knows how I like the shirt or the suit fit. He cares about me and depends on me for his livelihood. Friendly people in the local community because they know customer service is ultimately the important lever. Good quality products and customer service for their future.

So shop local. Why don't you go smell the bakery, see what's there. Feel the joy of being part of your community. Your community depends on you. Your culture depends on you. And actually we depend on our culture as well to keep things in perspective. So stay local. It's not bad. You can still buy from Amazon if you need to. Have a good day.

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