12 Most Common Writing Hacks for Effective Communication
at Work [Infographic]

12 Most Common Writing Hacks for Effective Communication at Work [Infographic]

Have you ever received an important email at work, but you have to read it over several times to finally understand what that person is getting across? Perhaps you have also written emails in the past that have caused confusion and misunderstanding.

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal talks about "emails" draining employees' time at work, which can lead to serious productivity issues. Besides emailing "smartly" – know when to use emails instead of other forms of communication or who to include in CC's or BCC's – writing concise and easy-to-read emails will also make your communication a lot more effective and impactful.

We've compiled 12 writing hacks into an infographic. These are the most common mistakes or misuses of words and punctuations, as well as the proper way to be using them. Put a copy on your desktop or print it out so you can have quick access whenever you write at work!

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