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TrendWaves #199: Culture, Talent and Engagement

The debate of 2016 is not that engagement is low but HOW do we increase stakeholder, employee and customer engagement. The survey is a metric of health and the purpose of the individual and the organization. The leadership and culture can be the solution to increase engagement.

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The Power of Feedback [Whitepaper]

Giving/Receiving feedback effectively at work is important because it helps employees know where they can do better, and what and how to improve. But in reality, many companies globally are either not doing it right or not doing it enough to realize the power of feedback. How can we change that?

This whitepaper helps you and your organization become better feedback givers and receivers. We've added in tips which you can act on immediately and see a difference in your work environment. Build a feedback culture at work - Download this whitepaper and share with your colleagues today!

New Leadership 2018 survey is live!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital leadership has been the hot topic since 2016. But how digital ready are organizations, really?

This year, we're focused to find out the state of future leadership and what issues organizations are facing when it comes to digital transformation.

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